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Google will now favor sites with compatible reading on smartphones , to the detriment of unsuitable sites, which could be relegatd to the maze of search results. Towards a mobile apocalypse? These changes, already announcd last February by the group, are worrying some web companies. The operation was even dubbd “ mobilegddon ” (a contraction of “mobile” and “Armagddon”) by the American press. We better understand the repercussions that this “newness” can have, when we know that the sites appearing on the first page of results generate 92% traffic on Google.

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Figure that drops to 5% for those who appear on the second page and 1% on the third page… Moreover, on this first page, it is better to whatsapp mobile number list be in the top. The first position ensures 33% of clicks while the following generate respectively, 18%, 11% and 8% of clicks. ( study by online ad network Chitika ) S ome companies have adaptd quickly since the announcement last February. In two months, the group has seen a 4.7% increase in mobile-compatible sites. But with regard to French sites, a study by the publisher of IT solutions Yooda, declares that 64% are still not adaptd to this navigation on smartphone or tablet.

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Behind the French? No, not possible. It is still too early to measure the impact of the new algorithm since its deployment will take about a DW Leads week to be applid to the whole world. Google, you’re the king of the Web  World? And rest assurd, Google reminds us that it uses 200 relevance criteria and that mobile compatibility is only one of them. Non-mobile-friendly sites won’t disappear from the results and can maintain their high position if they have great content.