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The only question is whether they can properly present themselves on the portal? But that’s what this ebook is for, which will help everyone develop their career, build a path of contacts or show the way to effective sales on LinkIn. Experience the power of LinkIn. Statistics of the LinkIn portal in the world and in Poland . Figure Leading countries by LinkIn users, October . Source s.statistastatistics linkinsmembershipworldwidebycountry The power of LinkIn users of the portal Figure LinkIn users. Source Gemius. What are the prospects for the development of the LinkIn portal? Find out what power LinkIn gives to its users.

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The acquisition of the portal by Microsoft gave a clear signal to the market that the portal will develop. After all, the money invest by the giant must be return. LN is a great tool for sales or recruitment, and the main area of ​​business development for the portal  is Human Resources. According to the data provid by phone number list over of headhunters , this website is us for recruitment, and the recent acquisition of another startup, which is Glint, may indicate further interest in development in this area. Glint is an employee survey tool. Another tool, this time own, creat by the portal is ATS call Talent Hub.

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It allows you to accurately search for potential employees by date of employment, job title or location. This tool is mainly aim at SMEs. The Talent Insight tool, on the other hand, is a management system, relocation of employees, identification of areas for improvement in relation to human resources. Examples of such solutions may DW Leads clearly indicate that the HR area will be particularly pamper in the near future. The development of other areas on LinkIn, such as Social Selling, also indicates that the portal will increasingly support sales areas especially.