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The owner of the property – for administrative control. Statistical and registration purposes in the Water Registry. Obliged to When the total communicate. The Basin Organization the characteristics of the use that he intends to carry out. Which  he must accompany the documentation that prove ownership of the property. The above is required as a reference so that the authority can determine the uses with pre-existing rights that must be respected. As well as new requests for concessions that could be irreconcilable. Thus, in the communication to the agency. The owner of the property must indicate: The maximum instantaneous flow . The maximum annual volume .

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The event that said Agency is not satisfied and does not authorize its use. It must notify the owner of the land through a reasoned resolution , leaving the applicant free to carry out his request again once he has corrected the defects that the entity Singapore Telegram Number Data has pointed out to you. Furthermore – and as was addressed at the time in a previous entry on this blog – the consolidated text of the Water Law considers discharges to be those carried out directly or indirectly in continental waters. As well as in the rest of the public hydraulic domain.

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This permit must be granted to the competent

The authorizations will be granted taking into account the best available techniques and in accordance with the environmental quality standards and the Chile Phone Number List emission limits established in the Water Regulations. As well as in the rest. The regulations on hydraulic matters, and these will have The purpose is to achieve the environmental objectives established in these regulations. VI.-Final considerations To conclude the topic at hand. It should be noted that the uncontrolled growth of cities has led to the transformation of our natural environment.