What Should We Take Away From This?

What does this mean for seos doing keyword research? Rank tracking companies such as stat are looking into ways of splitting keyword volumes between the constituent keywords, so there is hope for at least semi-accurate volume data. What it does mean is that we should ignore the grouped volumes when targeting keywords.

What Conclusions Can We Draw?

This showed an interesting pattern. There are only two Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List categories with significant numbers of identical serps—punctuation and typos. In the case of keywords with and without punctuation, you are more likely to see identical serps (implying that google sees the pair of keywords as identical) if keyword volumes are grouped than if they are not.

In the Case of Typos

There are no grouped keyword pairs DW Leads at all that have identical serps. Given also the low prevalence of grouped keywords in this category, it appears that the identical serps are coming from “Showing results for” serps, where google replaces results for the mistyped keywords with the correct one.