What About First-mover Advantage?

Now, I know there are a lot of people who believe that being a first mover is a great thing. And when you’re launching a new business, this mindset is incredibly pervasive. Everyone wants to “find the niche where no one is and be there to be the first mover.”

The problem is that first mover advantage doesn’t always exist.

I don’t really believe in first-mover advantage

As an entrepreneur, going into a completely new realm where Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List no one else has gone before feels too risky to me. I’d rather take my time to learn from others who are trying to do something similar, figure out the unique angle on the business (whether the vertical or the business model), and then build something that users really want.

SEO is a constantly shifting industry

We’re built on the back of a computer algorithm, after all. Because DW Leads of this, things will change constantly and all digital marketers need to develop a rubric through which you can decide whether a new feature or opportunity is worth your time, effort, and change of strategy long-term.