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In mind that, as an example, it would not be proportional to use 10 cameras that allow 360-degree recording to monitor a small office. And what happens with the outdoor areas? It is very likely that, given that we want to use cameras for the security of our assets, we want to monitor access areas to the premises or, in short, the entrance, so the cameras will necessarily focus on an outside area. Special attention must be paid to this point since, as a general rule, the capture of images for security purposes on public roads can only be done by Security Forces and Corps. As an exception to this, the recording of the cameras may capture a small portion of the public road, only if it is essential to guarantee the security purpose or if it is impossible to avoid it, due to the location of the cameras.

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In addition, it is highly recommended to use privacy masks in these cases. That is, use technology that blocks or prevents the viewing of certain areas of the scene. As well as its recording. Proactive responsibility measures As an activity for which personal data is processed. The company has to apply Kuwait WhatsApp Data proactive responsibility measures. Among these, the activity of capturing images must be included in the Record of Treatment Activities of the person responsible and the person in charge of the treatment. The obligation to inform must also be complied with, by installing posters for this purpose, which must be displayed in a visible place and, at least, at the entrances to the video-surveillance areas.

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If the monitored space has several entrances

A badge must be included in each of them. This badge must inform about the existence of the processing. Identify the person responsible for it, as well as where to obtain more information.  About the processing of personal data, at a minimum. Examples of sanctions imposed in Spain In the AEPD Resolution with file number.  EXP202204455 we can see a clear example of what can happen.  If we do not comply with the Thailand WhatsApp Number List regulations.  When installing and using video surveillance systems. The company that is the subject of this file receives a penalty of €3,000 from the. AEPD for having failed to comply with different obligations. Among the non-compliances, the company places the sign informing.  About the use of video surveillance cameras in a place where it is hidden, behind the air conditioning machine.