Unfair competition practices: what do they consist of?

We publish interesting article by Ms. Victoria Hernández Turiel , Lawyer and Political Scientist. Specialist in new technology law. She is an expert in data protection, electronic commerce and intellectual and industrial property. In this entry. We explain in general terms what unfair competition practices consist of , reviewing their applicable regulations and surrounding laws. Approaching what is known as the “general unfairness clause and briefly mentioning the extensive exemplary catalog of acts of unfair competition. unfair competition. Introduction to Unfair Competition Law In order to maintain real and effective competition. Competition law emerged. Made up of regulations regulating two key aspects in the matter: on the one hand. The right to defend competition , and, on the other, the right of unfair competition .

The actions of agents operating

This would occur, for example, in the case of advertising that is considered illegal because it is misleading. As we will explain in another article on the subject titled “ Unfair Competition : Illegal Advertising .” Regulation of Unfair Competition: European and national regulations With respect to the regulation of unfair Vietnam WhatsApp Number List competition. The Paris Union Convention. In article bis. Refers to the same by imposing on the member countries of the European Union the obligation to insure the nationals of the states of the Union effective protection against unfair competition. Defines the act of unfair competition as “ any act of competition contrary to honest practices in industrial or commercial matters.

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The following three acts are considered

The above derives the obligation of EU States to have a basic framework of unfair competition to avoid practices that lead to confusion in the market. Particularly with regard to relations with consumers. False assertions, and indications that lead to error regarding the nature of goods and merchandise; behaviors that are translated or carried Greece WhatsApp Number List out in commercial practice; through commercial communications in the advertising environment. At the European level. Directive EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of May. On unfair commercial practices by companies in their relations with consumers in the internal market. Known as the “ Unfair Commercial Practices Directive”.