Tubers Soil dental plaque food and human evolution

I have already told you once that, in terms of soils. I understand that some news that does not deal directly with this resource, I believe, provides more information than others that detail scientific studies related to soil sciences. They should not therefore go unnoticed . And this may be one of those cases. The SINC News Agency (Science is News) turns Tubers Soil dental out to be a good news bulletin on science and technology. Which I recommend. Today we show you a press release titled: They reveal the evolutionary history of the bacteria in our mouth . Below you can read the details. Today’s analysis focuses on these two phrases. The study uses starchy foods referred to as ‘underground storage organs’ (…) that the first hominids consumed, that is, starchy tubers such as yams in Africa.

We will ignore the idea that the consumption

Since in the absence of serious and highly contrasted evidence.  It is nothing more than one among other conjectures about our origins. There are thousands of them! When an investigation claims to have made an important discovery and ends Australia WhatsApp Number List with the verb “could” (in this case “could have been”) I usually think “could or could not. Portraying the image of a mere conjecture. Never a theory. . Needless to say, the roots, tubers and seeds grow and/or are born and are then collected by digging inside the soil. Well, since at least since the Neanderthals , and fully in the most modern humans. They have a battery of bacterial species adapted to starch metabolism.

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It is difficult to think that our ancestors fed

Since many of them can be toxic, difficult to digest, etc. Like any animal in need of food, they made use of the supplies they found within their reach, and even more so, whose half-life to be ingested is usually longer than that of other parts of the Belarus WhatsApp Number List same plants that emerge on the surface of the earth. floor . Also, at least in many cases, after certain pre- and/or culinary treatments, they can be stored to be used in times of scarcity. However, as we have already analyzed in other posts, the preparation and consumption of certain concoctions, which today we call.