Agrarian Tsunami in Europe and the Green Deal

This short series of posts is the one that is the most difficult for me to write, as it was also the most difficult to understand. I apologize in advance as it may offend sensitivities, although that is precisely what I am trying to avoid. I would like the Agrarian Tsunami in  majority of citizens and agents involved to understand the constructive message. However, suspicions are almost inevitable in these matters, unfortunately. Here we go with the second post. I also hope that it is read from Spanish-speaking countries, since they suffer similar situations. The links to the news that I link below will be more or less the same in all the posts, please keep this in mind. I want you to have this documentation from the beginning. Of course, like any mortal, my mind is biased by ideology, I do not doubt it, nor do I try to be as objective as possible in the face of this limitation. Again “my sincere apologies.

A lot of noise just to take advantage of a situation

According to the EFE agency on January. European Parliament, España Vaciada is working to consolidate a strategic plan that reflects the specific realities and challenges faced by people in rural areas and small towns. Both in Thailand Mobile Database terms of rights and quality of life as well as opportunities and future perspectives: public services. Mobility and connectivity; sustainable development, employment and economic revitalization; housing. Protection of the natural environment and landscapes. “Citizens will have the opportunity in June to vote for a real alternative for their people and their roots. Why two or three weeks later do we face the agricultural Tsunami in Europe ? The wave of indignation sweeping through the European Union has grown to become a tsunami that affects most countries.

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At least in Spain, the average age exceeds years

There are even more alarming demographics. The depopulation of the least productive territories has been impressive, lacking fast communication routes. Few schools, and means to care for the public health of their few inhabitants. In fact, there is a Morocco Phone Number List movement that is trying to revitalize Hispanic agriculture under the name of Empty Spain. Which has formed a political party and apparently also intends to run in the European Parliament elections . In fact. I have been on the verge of giving them my vote, and possibly will end up doing so, depending on their positions and demands. In fact, this association of parties also laments the precariousness of digital media , let’s see what they tell us.