There Are Other Potential Issues People

Can run in to, as well. The washington post, for example, built a pwa version of their site, but it only works on a mobile device. Obviously, that means the site can be crawled nicely by google’s mobile bots, but not the desktop ones.

It’s Important to Respect the P Part of the Acronym

The website should enable features that a user can Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List make use of, but still work in a normal manner for those who are using browsers that don’t support them. It’s about enhancing functionality progressively, not demanding that people upgrade their browser.

The Only Slightly Tricky Thing With

All of this is that it requires that, for best DW Leads experience, you design your application for offline-first experiences. How that’s done is referenced in jake’s talk above. The only issue with going down that route: you’re only serving content once someone’s arrived at your site and waited long enough to load everything.