The Caviar of the Soil Escamol

We are not going to turn this blog into a food recipe book of the fruits that the soil offers. However, in our post: “ Entomoculture or Insectculture and human nutrition (Entomophagy) . We already demanded greater the Soil Escamol attention to this type of activities. Because in the st century we must begin to eat healthy foods and alleviate food sovereignty through more efficient means. respectful than agroindustrial farms and look for new sources of nutrients that. Although currently forgotten, were and still are consumed by aboriginal peoples and peasant cultures. Yesterday, by chance I heard on TV the word.

In my opinion more than the ingredients

Chinese restaurants know very well how to adapt to the tastes of each country. I know from experience, their foods have quite UK WhatsApp Number List different flavors. Can’t we do the same? The following personal experience can serve as a warning and strategy. In Spain, for example pork is eaten from nose to tail, under an overwhelming plethora of recipes. One night, at a meeting of the European Soil Buro that was held in Madrid, I invited the diners to dine on typical pork dishes, most of which were organ meats cooked in the most varied ways. They gobbled them up with pleasure.

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This Franciscan friar became interested in culinary habits

We now have a starting point to begin exploring Mexico . Below I show you several links about his culinary work . We will therefore leave the Canada WhatsApp Number List exploration to you, but inviting some group of brave people to begin the initiative of compiling and writing an “ Atlas of the foods that the soils hide ”. You can leave below, in “ comments ” below, about other nutritious beings that have been part of the Aboriginal and/or Peasant diet. Liometopum apiculatum , is an ant that lives in “ the semi-arid regions of the North American southwest and in Mexico.