The Macron Law regarding the temporary posting

France by companies residing outside of that country, and consequently applies to salaried drivers of transport companies from any country in the European Union. Therefore, this rule will not apply to self-employed drivers. Who must prove this condition at the request of the control agents. This law aims to control that salaried professional drivers who travel in said country for companies residing outside of France. Receive at least the minimum interprofessional salary in force in said country, which is established at.  Euros per month. To comply with recent regulations. Transport vehicles transiting through France.

The employment contract

There is an obligation for the transport company to designate a representative in France, who must keep all the company’s documentation for a period of months at the disposal of the control agents. It is worth remembering that failure to designate the representative will be Australia WhatsApp Number Data punished with a fine of ,euros which. The event of a repeat offense, will be increased to , euros with a maximum limit of €, per penalty. Since its entry into force. The Ministry of Labor has granted a transitional period of three weeks so that transport companies can adapt to the new established regulation.  The work of the Road Control Agents will be merely informative in relation to compliance with the mandatory documentation that must be carried on board transport vehicles.

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