The extraordinary diversity of soil fungi in the Amazon

Based on my lack of knowledge about previous studies on fungal biodiversity in the Amazon Basin. The press release that we show you below never ceases to surprise me. The authors claim to have detected an extraordinary variety of fungal species in the soils of that region and more specifically write: “ They discovered that most of those they found had never been investigated or named. And there were many of them. They discovered up to types of fungi in a single teaspoon-sized soil sample. “They also found that fungi were more prevalent in grassy areas than in forested areas .” Their description of the sampling seemed very correct to me. Since they were collected at different depths and sampling in different microhabitats that surrounded each specimen.

Abundant in forest soils than under grasses

It could be that its diversity is related to the thickness of the organic horizons. Which is very scarce in tropical forests. Unfortunately, no data is provided in this regard. Therefore, I turned to the summary of the original work, which I also reproduce Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data after the press release much more illuminating for a soil scientist! Obviously the low fertility of humid tropical soils is well known. This does not occur with respect to the differences in diversity detected between herbaceous covers and jungles . However, I must emphasize again that the different genetic techniques offer different results , as the authors point out, but also that they do not usually coincide with those detected by classical procedures.

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Soil in the Amazon is found to host a large number

In a paper published in the journal Ecology and Evolution , an international team of researchers reports finding that soil in the Amazon River Basin is home India WhatsApp Number List to a surprisingly high number of types of fungi . Fungi are neither plants nor animals. They are organisms that produce spores as a means of reproduction and survive by feeding on organic matter . They include yeast, molds, fungi, and mildew . Previous research has shown that there are many types of each of the different types of fungi, some in the field have suggested as many as million . They are not studied as much as plants and animals. Previous research has shown that fungi play an important role in nature.