The electronic registration of intellectual property through

Safe Creative has numerous advantages over the traditional method. Through electronic registration, proof of authorship is based on technological evidence. The work is identified with 3 different cryptographic fingerprints. In addition, the application date is recorded with a qualified time stamp using blockchain technology. This validation is international, therefore, it is valid in all jurisdictions and the electronic registration option can be carried out at any time, any day and from wherever you wish, without the need to have a prior appointment, or to wait in long lines. , nor to move.

What type of creations can we register

The electronic registry allows you to protect any type of work in accordance with Article 2 of the Berne Convention , that is, it allows you to register and protect any form of extension of literary, scientific and artistic productions. As an example, creations that can be registered would be pieces of music, drawings, photographs, sculptures, software, audiovisual works, essays, articles, podcasts… Now, it is very important to be Philippines WhatsApp Data clear that the concept of a work is not the same as the concept of a brand. To register a trademark, you must follow a different procedure, which we already detailed in our article “The importance of registering a trademark goes beyond being easily distinguishable.

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