The amount will be freely determined by the judge

In a motivated and individualized manner, taking into account the circumstances of each case. The property damage caused by the loss of opportunity, when the frustrated claim has an economic content. Compensation is calculated based on what the client has stopped obtaining as a result of the lawyer’s negligent actions. The two types of damages are not mutually exclusive, so compensation may include both concepts or only one of them. Who is responsible when the lawyer works for a firm or joins a company? When the lawyer exercises his function individually as the owner of an office, he is responsible to his client for the actions carried out by the professionals integrated into his office, without prejudice to the power of repetition before them.

Use of video surveillance cameras for labor control purposes

Workers’ Statute would allow the employer to exercise labor control surveillance functions through video surveillance cameras. The legitimation for capturing images in this case would be the execution of the employment contract. Images captured of a person, to the extent that they identify themĀ Iraq WhatsApp Data or can make them identifiable, constitute personal data. Therefore, the recording and processing of the images in this case must be done in compliance with the RGPD. The employer has the obligation to inform workers in writing of the presence of video surveillance cameras at work.

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He must detail the purpose of capturing

These images and in which cases the recordings can be examined or delivered to the judicial authority. Obligations arising from the use of video surveillance cameras The principle of purpose limitation must be taken into account, that is, given that personal data are collected for specific purposes, they cannot be subsequently processed in a manner incompatible with the purpose for which they were collected. Another fundamentalĀ Spain WhatsApp Number List principle is the principle of data minimization. Using cameras in areas such as changing rooms, lockers and worker rest areas would be disproportionate, if labor control is sought. The data being processed must be adequate, relevant and limited in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. The same would happen with the number or type of cameras used.