The Alleged Advantages of Biosolids as Fertilizers

The benefits of biosolids span decades of research .” This is what the headline of the press release that we are going to address today says. When I skimmed it I thought, “fantastic,” so I won’t have to rack my brain. However, upon reading it more closely: “my joy is almost in a well.” I’m not going to add much information. Now, the main author is one of those The Alleged Advantages  who do not have a grandmother . First class techno-scientist . What a way to boast, to show off flowers, and all for nothing. Of course the title does not really reflect the nature of the study. This is an investigation carried out in the State of Arizona, full stop. That is, carried out in a US State and with legislation that.

Even measuring the heavy metals

A scientifically conclusive answer . What a researcher says is as important as what he hides . The risks of biosolids are very often associated with contamination by heavy metals, although not exclusively Netherlands Mobile Number Database to them . However, the author encourages its intake since “according to him”, many soils do not provide us with the quantities that our metabolism needs . Why doesn’t he mention such problems and then defend his position? What is the reason why he also ignores that the issue depends.

Which helps plants thrive in all landscapes

You can’t generalize in such a tacky way. Of course, I am by no means against the use of biosolids that are duly decontaminated, guaranteed and with labels that indicate the contents of the elements Estonia Phone Number List they contain, “nutrients and contaminants” for health and the environment . However, one should never generalize from a specific territory in a State, with sufficient legal regulations and monetary resources, to the rest of the world. recycle without poisoning? It doesn’t have to be that way, but sometimes (how many?) it happens.