Water Bears or tardigrades and the mechanisms

We have already talked to you on some occasions about tardigrades. Funny invertebrates that can be observed after being extracted from the ground. Unknown to most citizens they became famous for surviving in the weightlessness of outer space on a space expedition. As we told you at the time . With simple binocular tardigrades the mechanisms magnifying glasses. I was fascinated by them the first time I saw them with a novice’s eyes. In Wikipedia already shows their characteristics, taxonomy, phylogeny, etc. It is deplorable to note that there are hardly any experts dedicated to its taxonomy. The figures about its biodiversity cannot be considered more than a gross underestimation.

We simply limit ourselves to giving shape

A press release that talks about one of its most admired characteristics, resistance to dehydration . I only expose it so that teachers can explain the reasons for the sidereal wanderings of these funny (especially when moving in the petri dish) soil invertebrates. Juan José Ibáñez Tardigrada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Keep going. How tardigrades Spain WhatsApp Number Data survive dehydration by the University of Tokyo Tardigrades, despite their tiny size, contain a large number of biological secrets. Some species of tardigrades, or water bears as the small aquatic creatures are also known , can survive in different environments that are often hostile or even fatal to most life forms.

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They explored the proteins that form a gel during

This gel hardens to support and protect cells from mechanical stress that would otherwise kill them. These proteins have also been shown to function in insect cells and even show limited functionality in cultured human cells. Tardigrades often draw Albania WhatsApp Number List attention to themselves, despite being so small. Its uncanny ability to survive in situations that would kill most organisms has captured the public’s imagination. One could easily imagine that by decoding its secrets, we could apply the knowledge to ourselves to make humans more resistant to extreme temperatures, pressures, and even dehydration. This is just science fiction for now.