Sustainable Polycultures in Tunisian Terraces

One of Juan Manuel Serrat ‘s most polar songs is titled “ Mediterranean .” The day before yesterday, for dinner, I delighted my palate with grilled figs covered with Iberian acorn-fed ham (exquisite! and light). Perhaps because my childhood shifted between Madrid and the mountains and Mediterranean coasts. Even making the collage that heads this post has made me nostalgic. And for this reason my soul also wanted to return until I achieved it a few months ago, immediately, after my recent retirement. In many ways, the elevated areas of both sides of the Mediterranean Sea (Europe and Africa ) have many common characteristics in terms of geology, modeling, soils, flora and fauna . In the same way. The Spanish lands of the east and southeast were under Muslim domination for centuries.

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Tunisian ‘hanging garden’ farms are holding on despite the drought. I was moved. However, there are obviously objective reasons: The traditional culture of land management and the plants of the region have been included among the World Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) sponsored by FAO and UNESCO . Since , heat waves and drought make the world’s population doubt their Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data present and future food security. Various traditional systems have existed since ancient times, developed over millennia by peasant cultures that still persist, with reasonable water inputs . If you read the news carefully, they have indeed suffered from the lack of water. Although their wise management has overcome the problem well . On the contrary. The danger seems to be economic globalization and its market economy.

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Water Court ” also considered, as of , as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO . This type of authority, chosen by the peasants themselves, has proven to be so useful and respected that other countries should learn it and possibly use it. That is to say, these agrarian Iceland WhatsApp Number List landscapes are disrespectful of globalization, new technologies, the vagaries of the market (but be careful with the figs or figs that, despite being offered by the same tree, are different) and everything that liberalism sells us. economic that we suffer. Enormously biodiverse polycultures versus monocultures, natural enemies instead of pesticides, recycling and management systems that hardly require input of fertilizers and reasonable use of the water available to farmers (scarce) .