Signs a Pwa May Be Appropriate

If you’re running a normal site, with a blog that maybe updates every day or two, or even less frequently, then whilst it might be nice to have a site that acts as a pwa, there’s probably more useful things you can be doing with your time for your business.

How they work

Service workers can be thought of as a proxy that sits Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List between your website and the browser. It calls for intercept of things you ask the browser to do, and hijacking of the responses given back. That means we can do things like, for example, hold a copy of data requested.

What Service Workers Can Do

It’s planned that in the future, they’ll be able to DW Leads do even more than they currently can. For now though, these are the sorts of features you’ll be able to make use of. Obviously these mostly load data via ajax, once the app is already loaded.