Server errors & dns errors

Server errors & dns errors
Under url errors, google again lists server errors and dns errors, the same sections in the site errors report. Google’s direction is to handle these in the same way you would handle the site errors level of the server and dns errors, so refer to those two sections above.

They would differ in the url

Errors section if the errors were only affecting individual urls and not the site as a whole. If you have isolated configurations for individual urls, such as minisites or a different configuration for certain urls on your domain, they could show up here.

Now that you’re the expert on these url errors, I’ve Stone, Clay, Glass Manufacturers Email List created this handy url error table that you can print out and tape to your desktop or bathroom mirror.


I get it — some of this technical seo stuff can bore you to tears. Nobody wants to individually inspect seemingly unimportant url errors, or conversely, have a panic attack seeing thousands of errors on your site.

With experience and repetition, however, you DW Leads will gain the mental muscle memory of knowing how to react to the errors: which are important and which can be safely ignored. It’ll be second nature pretty soon.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read up on google’s official documentation for search console, and keep these urls handy for future questions: