World Soil Day December Critical reflections for experts

World or International Soil Day is celebrate , officially approve in and which began in We already know that most of these “celebrations” usually pay tribute to important, serious and sad problems that affect all people. themes that one can imagine. And if you don’t believe me, check it out by clicking here: “ International and World Days Calendar. Use to raise awareness among citizens and teaching in general, I was personally one of the soil scientists who helped, to the extent possible, to make it a reality from a non-institutional reflections for experts position, as you can see for example here: (” Global Alliance for “Soil (The Global Soil Partnership). An Essential Agreement to Achieve Sustainable Development on the Planet” Authors Juan José Ibáñez, Ronald Job Vargas Rojas and Luca Montanarella.

The same except for the novelties induced

The advances derive from digital and satellite technologies . From the point of view of a Spanish speaker, I do regret that in terms of such dissemination, international organizations add very little material in our language, giving priority to the language of the empire, as if all citizens and little creatures used it as their Belgium WhatsApp Number Data mother tongue . However, part of the fault is also ours , since the task of translating texts without remuneration and imprint on our curricular documents offers little or no possibilities in our professional promotion. We should be a little more altruistic: right? I regret much more that many of the national societies and research centers make more contributions in Swahili than in Spanish-Castilian (does it give them more cachet?).

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The knowledge of that natural reflections for experts

It is not about presenting papers at International Congresses, or waiting for events like the Centennial of the IUSS, with its very extensive minutes of thousands of contributions, but in general of very few pages, such as the “ Celebration of the Centennial and Congress of the International Union of Sciences del Suelo (Florence, Italy May)  to which I have been Brazil WhatsApp Number List invite to give a presentation, but which I have decline, since my health does not advise it and I am tire of so much “Celebration”. What I really miss is critical analysis of the progress in our deep knowledge of what soil is and how to improve it . And when some progress has been made, it is usually attribute to the possibilities offered by technological progress since , with a view to resolving the aforementione gaps and potential deviations induce in the transition from science to technoscience.