How can we take advantage of rainwater or runoff?

Rainwater or runoff turns out to be one of the basic processes in the water cycle and specifically refers to rainwater that can be use by the owner of a property while it flows through it. The recovery of rainwater is carried out through water collection systems. Which consist of any mechanism or installation that aims to collect and store water from rain. II.-Regulation Rainwater or runoff water is regulat by Royal Legislative. Which approves the consolida text of the Water Law (specifically articles , and ) in concatenation with the Regulation of the Hydraulic Public Domain that develops the preliminary titles. The consolidated text of the Water Law. Approved by Royal Legislative Decree /, of July (in particular, articles and ). III.-Runoff modes Several types of runoff can be differentiated. These being: Surface runoff. Hypodermic runoff.

The first consists of precipitation that flows

Ultimately, underground runoff is the precipitation that filters down to the subsoil level and travels until it reaches the drainage network. To calculate the runoff value. The runoff coefficient is used. Defined as the relationship between the Indonesia Telegram Number Data rainwater that falls in a given area and the water that runs.The difference between the fallen water. The filtered water. IV.-The ownership of the waters The consolidated text of the Water Law stipulates in its second article. Which assets make up the hydraulic, public domain of the State. Constituting it. Continental waters. Both surface and underground. Renewable regardless of the renewal time. The channels of natural currents. Continuous or discontinuous. The beds of lakes and lagoons and those of surface reservoirs in public channels.

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The purposes of acts of disposal or affectation of hydraulic resources

Waters from seawater desalination . For its part, the fifth article of the same ordinance establishes as private domain waters the channels through which rainwater occasionally flows as long as it crosses. From its source, only private Turkey Telegram Number List domain properties. Likewise, the private domain of these channels does not authorize. The carrying out of work in them or the construction of works. That may vary the natural course of the waters or alter their quality to the detriment of the Public interest or third parties.