Perrier celebrates its anniversary with a limited

As part of its 0th anniversary celebration, Perrier sparkling water is introducing a new version of its iconic green bottle . A design reinvent by the renowned Philippe Starck. This collaboration is part of the brand’s history of artistic partnerships, including a floral bottle created with Takashi Murakami and a bottle adorn with the artwork of Andy Warhol. The new  Perrier celebrates design of the limited edition bottle reached the global market in mid-October. In this new bottle, the bubblare absolutely out of this world.

A bottle with a refined design

In Philippe Starck’s interpretation, the French water brand’s bottle becomes a distinctive and refin. Creation  iconic shape . The thin horizontal stripes etched into the glass  Perrier celebrates surface of the Starck bottle are inspir by the design of the Fresnel optical lens and the way Job Function Email Database it diffracts light. The resul design creat visual inter  the play of . Optics and light illuminat the enormou source of  .  Keepin the essence of an icon unchang, it is possible to distort and play with the.

Shape to apply current

Parameters to a timeless form. This is what  with the addition of this highl technical horizontal groove, which creat a natural rigidity,” he explains Philippe Starck.  In my project, the unknown each bubble is a magnifying glass, and that by . Using the structure to shape a Fresnel lens create an DW Leads optical surprise, providing intrigue is summ up in the notion. that and a. spark of fantasy he adds. The designer talks.