Continents and the origin of the edasphere

In our History of the Earth and Soils category we have been storing posts related to the emergence of the edasphere and especially the emerged one. Like all sciences that search for the remote origins of something. Be it humans, great extinctions or the planet itself. They suffer from great uncertainties and data that give rise to the origin the edasphere publication of an immense plethora of unproven conjectures. corroborated , no matter how much their authors have blind faith in them. Obviously the edaphosphera does not escape this it’s normal, I don’t doubt it. In the news that we show you today, its title says it all: “ Evidence that the impacts of giant meteorites created the continents .

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A lithosphere and edasphere generated by cataclysms. Apparently of all kinds . Below you can read about all this. Juan José Ibáñez Keep going. Evidence that giant meteorite impacts created the continents by Curtin University Curtin’s new research has provided the strongest evidence yet that Earth’s continents were formed by giant Poland WhatsApp Number Data meteorite impacts that were particularly frequent during the first billion years or so of the billion years of history of our planet . Dr Tim Johnson, from Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences. The idea that continents originally formed at giant meteorite impact sites had been around for decades.

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The study of the oxygen isotope composition

A top-down process that begins with the melting of rocks near the surface and progresses deeper. Consistent with the geological effect of the giant meteorite impacts. ” Our research provides the first solid evidence that the processes that Kenya WhatsApp Number List ultimately formed the continents began with giant meteorite impacts, similar to those responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Which occurred billions of years earlier .” Dr Johnson said understanding the formation and ongoing evolution of Earth’s continents was crucial given that these landmasses are home to the majority of Earth’s biomass, all humans and almost all of the planet’s major mineral deposits.