Industrial Agriculture Nutrient Collapse Soils

This is the headline of the news that gave rise to the intro that I show you today. This was base on experiences developed at the Rothamst Experimental farm in the UK. Revere by most soil science experts. The reasons already explain in the first entry. In it, agronomists, soil scientists and food science experts came to the Nutrient Collapse Soils conclusion that the food we currently eat (enjoy/suffer) today. Both in the global north and south.  Fewer nutrients than those consume before the green revolution of the sixties of the last century . As you will see in this first news item. Other experts criticize that conclusions could not be drawn due to the reasons that these critics expose in the same text.

When I investigated I quickly found new news

Since it has been confirm on other occasions and is even endorse by the FAO . On such occasions and under the rule of technoscience. It was possible that a large part of the doubts were due to the indirect intervention of politicians and companies. Rather than that of the researchers themselves. And today’s foods are less nutritious. I mention France WhatsApp Number Data this except for ultra-processe foods (rich in poisons) . Below I show you fragments of other news in which. Apart from varieties, GMOs and pesticides, the word soil appears up to times. Whether due to the poverty of nutrients.

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We must not confuse quality with quantity

We should eat more in order to alleviate such deficiency. And in a world where food sovereignty is in danger, the problem worsens even more. I reiterate that after the first news, others confirm the conclusion of the Belgium WhatsApp Number List scholars of the Rothamst Experimental farm , which I visit for two days in December since very interesting long-term experiments are out (between a century and a century and a half). . I reiterate that the word soil arises times . At the same time, vertical agriculture is now promote, that is, hydroponic and soilless crops. It should be remembere that the soil is full of beneficial organisms that act symbiotically with the roots of plants, when it comes to extracting nutrients, among other.