Not followed What they mean

Not to be confused with a “nofollow” link directive, a “not followed” error means that google couldn’t follow that particular url.

Most often these errors come about from google running into issues with flash, javascript, or redirects.

Are they important?
If you’re dealing with not followed issues on a high-priority url, then yes, these are important.

If your issues are stemming from old urls that

Are no longer active, or from parameters that aren’t indexed and just an extra feature, the priority level on these is lower — but you should Rubber Plastic Manufacturers Email List still analyze them.

How to fix
Google identifies the following as features that the googlebot and other search engines may have trouble crawling:

Use either the lynx text browser

The fetch as google tool, using fetch and DW Leads render, to view the site as google would. You can also use a chrome add-on such as user-agent switcher to mimic googlebot as you browse pages.

If, as the googlebot, you’re not seeing the pages load or not seeing important content on the page because of some of the above technologies, then you’ve found your issue. Without visible content and links to crawl on the page, some urls can’t be followed. Be sure to dig in further and diagnose the issue to fix.

For parameter crawling issues, be sure to review how google is currently handling your parameters. Specify changes in the url parameters tool if you want google to treat your parameters differently.