New Classification of the World’s Minerals

We have already published several posts about the new proposal. The classification of minerals and the quantification of mineral diversities. Part of the heritage that concerns geodiversity. Although the latter tend to ignore it. It should not surprise us then that the “geodiverse” do not consider soils either and prefer terrestrial modeling (features) to geomorphology (genesis of modeling). What has changed? Since our last post on this topic “ Mineral, life and soil diversities: Genetics versus properties” (Diversities and Taxonomies) . Simply that I have observed, from the press releases that reach me, how the interest of the experts increases without ceasing.

In those years soil scientists

New taxonomies of soils based on properties in the broad sense of the term, eradicating a large part of the criteria that concerned the Thailand WhatsApp Number Data genesis of soils . He was not exactly the last geneticist, but he was one of the most belligerent. Finally we fail . At that time, the strength of statistical and geostatistical techniques encouraged more or less young researchers to focus on numerical taxonomies . The topic became fashionable, being used as propaganda for soil modernity . Some of these colleagues with whom I had to battle fiercely managed to become editors of several of the world’s main journals on soil sciences.

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Genesis was considered an anachronism

of times past and mathematics capable of offering a future that was no longer promising, but present and full of success . Frankly I didn’t understand what was happening. My personal battle, in fact, generated many enemies in the new Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List establishment and sympathies among the veterans! Of course, he cannot finish revenge until a very serious incident of scientific malpractice that occurred around and that affected colleagues in the upper echelons of the aforementioned establishment. Let’s draw a stupid veil over the last matter because it would require giving names and surnames.