The objective is to make better use of the soil

They are some of the programs that have the soil as their protagonist, the concern for its loss is increasing. Soil is a natural system that deteriorates quite easily and its recovery, in general, is difficult and expensive. The genesis of soil is a dynamic process, where multiple factors intervene, some external related to the make better use conditions of the environment, and others internal, related to the components of the solid, liquid and gas phase. It is, therefore, a natural, complex system, non-renewable in the short term, which evolves towards its development or towards its degradation . In any case, and as a result of this evolution, the soil fulfills a series of functions in nature that identify it and make it essential for the development of the planet.

While the Spanish French Italian winegrowers

Cried out to the sky begging for water, and to the authorities for financial aid so as not to cultivate “at a loss”, we received news from the deserts and arid areas of Israel, in which they maintain their viticulture without major problems . The use of rationally USA WhatsApp Number List used drip irrigation offers stable production. Apparently this agricultural production was introduced there by the Byzantines , that is, almost since time immemorial. The “ good wines ” used to be produced after hot summers and a lack of moisture in the soil. At least that’s how they taught me when I was young. But technology revolutionized this way of proceeding, and in recent times I have visited them, both here and in Chile.

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The news reports that French winegrowers

If the climate does not change in many European regions, California and other geographical areas, there will be two possibilities: (i) abandoning the vineyards or (ii) using very efficient practices in the use of water, such as the one we Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List present to you today in the press release that we present below. We live in a shamefully globalized society, that is, unsustainable, since under proper globalization, it would result in this type of information and news arriving on time. But there is more. Instead of whining to the papal State, we must face the situation. To think that the Byzantines already introduced vineyards there (….) We still do not turn our heads to the past, thinking that new technologies will solve our problems.