List of Advertising Agency Services That Can Be Offered

An advertising agency, also known as an advertising agency, is an agency engaged in the field of advertising services. Usually agencies work with individuals, the private sector, and the government.

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11 Advertising Agency Services That Can Be Offered

Advertising agencies usually make advertisements according to requests and approval from their clients. Generally the services to be offered to clients cover three areas at once. The advertising agencywill provide creative services, media planning and ordering, as well as marketing communications consulting. Some of the advertising services that are usually offered by advertising agencies, namely:

Marketing Plan
Marketing plan is the stage of formulating  and Railroad Transportation Email List compiling an overall marketing plan to achieve the target that the client wants . In addition, the marketing plan also plans how many advertisements will be displayed up to the time period they are displayed.

In this session the agency will offer various forms of campaigns and promotions to clients. If the client has agreed then advertising will begin.

Facebook Business Management

Job Function Email Database
Facebook Ads Management is a DW Leads tool that allows you to manage ads on Facebook. Advertising agencies also use this one tool to advertise products from their clients.

Facebook Ads Management helps ads served on Facebook appear more professional.

Google Ads is an advertising program provided by Google. For those who use these tools , Google will help reach the right people and are interested in the products you have.

Therefore, many advertising agencies use Google Ads to help their clients.

The pages that open are known  as landing pages. The benefits of these landing pages are to promote business and make the messages on the landing pages easy for the audience to catch.

Competitor Analysis/Benchmarking
Benchmarking is a form of comparison of a product, performance, service or process from an advertisement with that of a competitor . Advertising agencies must realize how important benchmarking is.