It suffered a ransomware attack that paralyzed its computer system

Causing the cancellation of 3,000 patient reviews and 150 non-urgent operations. The incident occurred on Sunday, March 5, 2023 and it has taken months to recover normal activity. According to the Hiscox 2023 Cyber ​​Preparedness Report , carried out annually by this insurer specialized in cyber risks, security breaches have an average cost of 15,000 euros for a European company. Although for one in eight companies, it caused losses of €230,000 or more. And, if it is a data leak, an international report states that the average loss for the company is 4.2 million euros. It is also very worrying that 53% of companies suffered cyber attacks .

There are more companies that suffered

At least one cyber attack in 2023 than those that did not suffer any. In three years, the percentage of attacked companies with fewer than ten employees ( microenterprises ) has skyrocketed to 36%. In the end, we are talking about very important economic losses . Even more harmful to the health USA WhatsApp Data of SMEs. Therefore, it is more than advisable to consider taking out adequate insurance that reduces risk and business losses. Cyber ​​risk in Spanish companies Cyberattacks are already one of the biggest threats to any company, worldwide. Fortunately, in Spain, cyber-risk preparation is being improved, albeit slowly. 49% of Spanish companies suffered at least one cyber attack during 2023.

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Suffered at least one cyberattack due to ransomware during

Only 1% of Spanish companies have an expert level of cyber preparation. 69% have an intermediate level. The most common entry point was the corporate cloud server. Only 21% of the IT budget is allocated to cybersecurity, below our surrounding countries. The average loss of a Spanish company Finland WhatsApp Number List for each cyber attack is €11,400. Cyber ​​risk insurance If the company has multi-risk insurance, it covers, among other things, damages it may suffer in its physical facilities (office, factory, store). This policy must cover damage to electronic equipment, which is a fundamental part of the business. The damage they may suffer due to voltage spikes in the electrical current, a fire, a flood, theft, etc. will then be covered.