It is necessary to have insurance

To cover damages to the employees of the insured company (employer’s civil liability coverage). Civil Liability Insurance for people and property In addition to professional insurance, there is also Civil Liability insurance for personal situations. For example, private civil liability covers damage that a person or their family causes to others, such as damage caused by pets or domestic accidents, such as a falling flower pot. There is also insurance for Civil Liability related to real estate. These insurances are useful for homeowners or residents as they cover damages that may occur to the property.What is cyber risk insurance (or cyber insurance)? Should my company have cyber risk insurance? These are some of the questions we receive the most lately.

We do not stop seeing cyber attacks against companies

It happens every day, in increasing numbers and with greater economic damage for companies. They are attacks carried out by cybercriminals against companies of all sectors and sizes. In many cases, affected companies avoid publicizing these cyberattacks to protect their reputation, but thousands Sweden WhatsApp Data of them occur daily. A few years ago, cyber risk was important only in companies in the technology sector. But today, when the vast majority of companies have completed their digitalization, they can all suffer cyberattacks. Cybercrime and cyberattacks Cybercriminals attack companies’ computers and servers through: hacking (data theft, blackmail), malware (viruses) or social engineering (tricking the user into taking some action, as is the case with phishing.

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The damage caused to a company by cybercrime can be economic losses

Impact on business continuity and even result in serious damage to its image and reputation . For some time now, the most frequent cyberattack against companies and businesses of any size has been ransomware . It consists of disabling all the company’s computer equipment.  Kidnapping its data Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List and asking for a ransom. The business takes time to recover, it involves a very significant expenditure of money and it is easy for data to be lost if an adequate contingency plan has not been planned. It is very worrying to see how ransomware attacks have increased in sophistication and capabilities during 2022 and 2023. One of the most recent cases is that of the Hospital Clínic , in Barcelona.