It is mandatory coverage when the company has employees

It covers compensation demanded from the company by workers when they suffer a work-related accident. It may include workers hired by ETT, dependent self-employed workers and working partners of Cooperatives, Agrarian Transformation Companies and Labor Limited Companies. Civil liability for products or completed works . It covers claims from third parties for damages caused by products manufactured or marketed and for work or services that have already been delivered. Legal defense and bail. Insurance companies ensure legal protection and payment of bonds if the company has to defend itself against a claim and even go to trial. Damage to documents .

This coverage pays for damage or loss of papers files

That the person needs to work. Optional guarantees that you can include in your insurance In addition to these fundamental guarantees, Civil Liability insurance for companies may also include other protections necessary for some companies, such as: Employee infidelity . It protects the company against claims for damages intentionally caused by an employee to obtain benefit or cause harm. Civil liability for damage Netherlands WhatsApp Data to property in your custody . This guarantee would be essential in certain activities (repair of technical goods If the company works with intermediaries in the delivery of products or services, it can contract specific coverage to cover damages caused by the intermediary. Professional disqualification . If a court ruling prevents the insured from practicing their profession, this coverage guarantees financial compensation.

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Civil Liability for non-compliance with the RGPD

Protects against claims due to professional errors related to data protection that cause harm to third parties. Not all insurers are willing to include this coverage in the Civil Liability insurance policy. In most cases, you will have to take out a separate cyber risk insurance policy that includes it. Types Canada WhatsApp Number List of civil liability insurance for companies.  The civil liability insurance policy will have differences depending on the activity of the company or the professional being insured. Next, we will see examples of civil liability insurance for companies in different sectors. Civil Liability Insurance for Industries This insurance protects companie. Professionals in case they cause damage to other people while carrying out industrial activities.