Is It Passive or Active?

Sometimes google creates new initiatives within search that require no implementation on your end. They run tests all the time (serptests is a great resource from conrad o’connell) that affect the way your site shows up.Don’t assume that just because they’ve changed something that it’s in your best interest. Google is a business and they exist to make themselves money, not you.

As an seo, you are not google’s friend

So, once again, we hurry up to learn and then decide whether we should take action (adjust your meta descriptions, add schema, etc.) or just sit back and let the Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List data accumulate to inform better decisions. The answer will always be different depending on your business, and I can’t tell you whether you’ll benefit from specific changes or not. But you’re empowered to make that decision.

If a new feature requires active

Development from your end, take the DW Leads time to figure out why google’s made the change, what it might mean for the future, and how much work it’s going to take to achieve the expected outcome. If you’re a consultant and not helping your clients prioritize their work based off the predicted impact and the amount of effort, you’re not doing your job. And if you’re an in-house seo in this boat, same message: you’re not doing your job.