Is It a Continuation or a New Initiative for Google?

Earlier I mentioned google’s core mission of organizing the world’s information. This is why google was initially created, and it’s what they still do incredibly well. Over time, they’ve (finally) taken the user into account and realized that offering a great user experience benefits their bottom line. User experience (and design!) has become part of their core.

There are a few things that google is terrible

At, such as social or content. They’re also terrible at launching software that works really well and can displace incumbents. Google flights is great, but online travel agencies (otas) like expedia are still winning, even as google puts themselves above the Food, Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List organic results.Take, for example, the recent rollout of amp (accelerated mobile pages), which essentially allows google to display a cached version of your page to mobile users so that it loads quickly and makes users happy(er).

That’s just one example

If it’s a brand-new initiative that google DW Leads has not previously gone after, be very suspicious. I like the “Hurry up and wait” approach here — hurry up to learn all that you can about it, but wait on implementing it, especially if you’re a small company with a million things to do already. Stay true to your strategy.

If it’s a continuation of something they’ve already been doing and received traction on, then you should take more notice and seriously consider how you can implement it for your company.