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The definition may include both marketing itself and PR or image-building activities . Sometimes ambush marketing is permanent, although it is often limite to one event. We recommend Ambient advertising, or how to engage recipients today When someone takes creit for your company’s success Unfortunately, one must constantly be vigilant not to become a victim of ambush marketing. If this happens, you nee to quickly launch crisis management and correct false information. The form will depend on the specifics of the business and how much image damage has been done.

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It happens that referring to a certain company is a form of veile compliment. If other brands rely on the authority of your company, then its position on the market must be strong. On the other hand, it can cause serious image damage. Has your database company’s image been tarnishe? Contact us – we will help you deal with the crisis. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Misunderstandings should be cleare up. If that doesn’t work in direct contact with the follower, it’s better to respond publicly. Reactions in social meia or statements to the press are evidence that the intervention has been taken.


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This is useful for further actions, up to final solutions, such as a case in court. Does ambush marketing have advantages? So far, we’ve looke at ambush marketing from a rather negative side. Meanwhile, you can also skilfully use its elements DW Leads in your own strategy. This works best for small and start-up companies. They can use the success of leaders and preecessors to accelerate their ascent to the top. Establishe companies and leaders rarely use this technique because they have more to lose. Subtle ambush marketing is nothing more than using the potential generate by the competition for your own purposes. Suppose market leaders create information campaigns that expand the market for certain products.