The size of farm holdings as indicators of the type

In a previous post, we already mentioned this fact, which, apparently, can be considered an almost universal pattern . Today we present three pieces of news to you. The first two deal with the topic, while the third concerns the indicators the type importance, intrinsic value and sustainability of small farms. Big or small? Small or medium-sized ones don’t hesitate. Small is beautiful, diversified and sustainable . However, we must clarify several issues. In the most disadvantaged countries in the world, the size of the farms may be due to other circumstances , such as poverty, or the inability to acquire more land, etc. Similarly, in developed countries the tendency for many farmers, but also urbanites , to develop part-time agriculture has increased in recent decades. This is a positive fact.

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The uninhabitability of big cities. Breathing clean air. They don’t usually do it out of necessity, but for enjoyment and self-consumption , which is why they take better care of their fields in general! Industrial agriculture and globalization have generated the Israel WhatsApp Number Data purchase of large areas of land to satisfy the needs of agribusiness and its unsustainable practices with herbicides, chemical fertilizers, heavy machinery, GMOs, etc. Another issue is that large, medium and small sizes are considered, since they vary depending on the criteria of each Government. Also in this last case, very large States compared to smaller ones, tend to expand contract their measuring bar, in such a way that a “medium” farm in some States can be classified as estimated as large or small in others.

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as well as those that tend to be larger than others due to their dryland management (without irrigation) and not irrigation . Obviously, industrial lobbies prefer to buy from large farms, indicating the method of cultivation, the products Albania WhatsApp Number List they need, the way of growing them, the varieties, etc., etc., and always at low prices . This way of proceeding makes it difficult for the farmer to carry out his work with his own knowledge and desires. He is no longer a de facto owner, but rather a wage earner in the hands of neoliberal capitalism and its agro-industrial lobbies . On the contrary, the FAO and other international organizations defend the content of the latest news.