Regulation conflicts in energy law

A sector of continuous legal debate, mainly between the State and the Autonomous Communities, on the one hand, and between the Administrations and the business sector due to its strong economic derivation, on the other, is the law of energy, which has given rise to pronouncements by the supreme interpreter of the Constitution who deserve to be highlight in order to shed a little light on this area. Without losing sight of the recent rulings of the Supreme Court last June (vide SSTS , , and June ). Taking today a social and legal significance of great repercussion, the figure of renewable energies, point out for its regulation on the one hand the Directive //EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of relating to the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and by which Directives are modifie and repeale and on the other hand point out that, base.

The general planning of economic

Concession of hydraulic resources and uses when the waters flow through more than one Autonomous Community, and the authorization of electrical installations when their use affects another Community or the transport of energy leaves its territorial scope”; the art. CE in the “basic environmental legislation” or that recognize in art. CE on the “bases of the mining Vietnam Mobile Number Database energy regime”. Reality that today takes shape in energy law in its current regulation in ,  as in almost all matters of administrative intervention, needs to be consider. always community regulation. The evolution of the legal nature of the energy supply service should be review, which has gone from being consider a public service in the terms  , on the Regulation of the National Electrical System, to a essential service.

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A service of general economic interest Regulation conflicts

Forecast of an activity of the Administration, in an increasingly liberalize world, which is develop under the community regulatory umbrella. In this way, it is the EU’s obligation to monitor the reality of sustainable development by applying and approving policies for the use Australia Phone Number List exploitation of natural resources appropriate to that development. Proof of this statement, together with the normative regulation for in the Community Directives in each area and the community policies (case of the Roadmap towards a Europe efficient in the use of resources, Europe Strategy), the recognition of the art.