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In creating intellectual property in your business, it is more than advisable to register it. By intellectual property we refer to creations such as audiovisual works, songs, paintings, models, photographs, articles, online publications, books (physical or digital), among other things. Its registration and protection prevent plagiarism, by making the public aware of the existence of protected rights that belong to the author. How to register our creations? The Intellectual Property Registry is the Spanish public registry institution whose purpose is the registration or annotation of intellectual property rights with respect to works, performances or productions protected by the Intellectual Property Law.

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Today we are going to talk about how we can register our creations in a single click , quickly and easily, without having to move. We recommend that you opt for the telematic route whenever possible. It is a much faster way than the traditional one and does not involve unnecessary travel. Furthermore, as we see below, it gives us many more advantages. The digital platform that we recommend, which we also useĀ Lebanon WhatsApp Data to register the intellectual property of our creations, is Safe Creative . Safe Creative With Safe Creative we can obtain protection of global scope and validity, which constitutes solid proof of our rights to the creation we register. It is the platform for the largest electronic registry of intellectual property.

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The author with irrefutable technological proof of his declaration , thus protecting his rights in accordance with the Berne Convention. Therefore, it is advisable to register our creations before offering or showing them to the public. Thus, we will have declarative proof of their authorship , being able, once registered, to show them, deliver copies or expose them without fear of plagiarism. At Emprender Seguro we have beenĀ Ecuador WhatsApp Number List users of Safe Creative for years. We protect all our intellectual property with them. For this reason, we are giving you a code to get a 20% discount when you open a new account at Safe Creative. You just have to copy it and paste it into the indicated field before clicking PAY.