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For him, it is the human being who represents the biggest flaw in IT, and rather than doing security, it is more monitoring that neds to be done. The stakes in terms of data security can be substantial, but the collective conscience is too weak to systematically call on this practice. You have to be aware of this “dark side” of the web and take the appropriate measures to protect yourself against it. Basically, Synhack is a bit like Luke Skywalker fighting against.

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Darth Vader of the dark web Yes, I’m going a bit far there, I grant you! General impressions on stage: Gilles Babinet is happy to see that young people continue to undertake with almost flawless professionalism; as for Eric Sadin, he fears database that we make “profit from every breath of life” and return to a “continuous quantification of our existences”. Applause from the public who, like me, attendd a very enriching debate. For 2h30 we took the height at Tight timing, train to take, the two guest-stars have to leave us but they will have left us with material to reflect on the use we make of the web.


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Whether at work or at home. It’s all pensive that I too do my last lap at 106, hoping to be able to relive such an intense experience very DW Leads soon! It feels so good to be nourishd intellectually… In short, I lovd this first dition of the NWX Summer Festival! Can not wait for next yearThrowback to the opening of the NWX Summer Festival 2015: web, sun and fun! By Perrine Lassire Postd on June 26, 2015 News Summer Festival NWX 2015 It sent heavy for the opening of the first dition of the.