Insectculture and human feeding

In this post we will talk about a topic that I had as pending as my own ignorance. In reality, it is not a new or extravagant topic since. As can be read in one of the three news items that we reproduce below. The FAO assured years ago that some. Million people supplemented their diet with insects . Nor would it be desirable for it to become human feeding a passing fad. We are talking about what could be a serious alternative/complement to human nutrition around the world. Easy to breed and with notable nutritional values ​​and nutritional quality. It goes beyond being considered a mere supplement or curiosity . As it now begins to launch itself, it does so with fashionable words such as sustainability and circular economy, since ingenuity is not abundant.

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In the West there is a deep-rooted taboo with the consumption of insects, but it is clarified that it is not necessary that they have to be eaten in the form they present . Taboos are eradicated with adequate propaganda or institutional India WhatsApp Number List promotion. Until companies obtain enough profits to publish their brands and products. while for the presentation we must use the imagination of contemporary chefs. They are already grown and marketed for animal consumption, and we are animals, aren’t we? I reiterate that those who told me about the seafood flavor claimed that they had enjoyed it. However, I reiterate that they will have many tastes. Depending on the animal and the way of preparing them.

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We currently consume

Nutritious species and a book of traditional cuisines could help so that we do not always end up consuming “more of the same.” I reiterate that this is not a curiosity, but rather I suspect that it will be a necessity with a view to alleviating Italy WhatsApp Number List food sovereignty . And to start Edible insects: flavors to discover and precautions to take Enjoy your meal . Juan José Ibáñez Keep going. This is how insect farming works in Spain: “It is similar to raising a chicken and it is more sustainable” Insect farming is becoming an emerging business, with an important aspiration to boost rural economies and, above all, as a new way of feeding in the face of a possible future with scarce food resources.