How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes

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Featured snippets are the name of the rankings game. Often eclipsing organic results at the top of the serps, “Ranking zero” or capturing an answer box in google can mean increased clicks and traffic to your site. In today’s whiteboard friday, rand explains the three types of featured snippets and how you can best position yourself to grab those coveted spots in the serps. Click on the whiteboard image above to.

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Howdy, moz fans, and welcome to another edition of whiteboard friday. This week, we’re going to chat about answer boxes, those featured snippets that google puts in ranking position zero, oftentimes above the rest of the organic results, usually below some of the top ads, and sometimes they can draw a ton of the clicks away from the rest of the 10 results that would normally appear in google’s organic ranking.

Now, thanks to our friends up at stat in vancouver — rob Canadian Colleges Universities Email List bucci specifically, who did a great presentation at mozcon, he delivered some really interesting research — and so we know a little bit more about the world of featured snippets. Specifically, that there are three kinds of featured snippets or answer boxes.

The Three Were Paragraphs Lists and Tables

I’ll show you examples of all of those. But globally, we’re DW Leads talking about 15% of all queries in stat’s database that came up with one of these answer boxes.


So I did a search here for “Istanbul history.” you can see that wikipedia is not just ranking number one, they’re also ranking number zero. So they have this nice featured snippet. It’s got a photo or an image that’ll appear on the right-hand side on desktop or on top of the text in mobile, and then the snippet, which essentially tries to give you a brief answer, a quick answer to the question. Now, of course, this query is pretty broad, I probably want to know a lot more about istanbul’s history than the fact that it was a human settlement for 3,000 years. But if you want just that quick answer, you can get those.