How the Lean Startup Can Help

For those of you unfamiliar with “Lean startup” methodologies, the most important thing to know (in regards to our process) is “Validated learning,” which is basically a way to iterate on your products and services based on data and insights gained in a production environment. By now, you’re probably wondering, “Dan, what does this have to do with running seo operations? Good question! In order to make sure that we are constantly improving our service offerings, we set up everything in a way that allows for it to be measured.

That Means We Can Internally Measure the Success

Of basically everything we do regardless of final client deliverable. That allows us to have regular post-mortems where we discuss both the efficacy and efficiency of a process.

Let me share an example: we had a client engagement recently where we were really struggling with the citation audits (which is the build part of validated learning). It was a really complicated situation, so the struggle was no surprise. However, since we track how Security, Commodity Brokers Email List many citations get tracked across citation audits/cleanups as well as scope how long we expect individual audits/cleanups to take, we knew exactly where things were going wrong. (this is the “Measure” part of validated learning).

During Our Post-mortem for This Sprint

We talked about these breakdowns in a DW Leads meaningful way. As a result, we were able to surface two things to incorporate back into our process, which would prevent the same issue from happening again in a similar situation. (and this is the “Learning” in validated learning).

There is no rocket science in any of this. It’s just about being mindful of how you build and implement your processes so that you can leverage them for success instead of having them be an albatross around your neck. As a result, we are constantly improving the way we perform local seo, which to me is the true measure of success.