How Often Should You Check for Site Errors?

In an ideal world you would log in daily to make sure there are no problems here. It may get monotonous since most days everything is fine, but wouldn’t you kick yourself if you missed some critical site errors? At the extreme minimum, you should check at least every 90 days to look for previous errors so you can keep an eye out for them in the future — but frequent, regular checks are best.

A) dns errors What they mean

Dns errors are important — and the implications for your website .If you have severe versions of these errors is huge. Dns (domain name system) errors are the first and most prominent error because if the googlebot is having dns issues, it means it can’t connect Construction Email List with your domain via a dns timeout issue or dns lookup issue. Your domain is likely hosted with a common domain company.

Are they important?

While google states that many dns issues still allow DW Leads google to connect to your site, if you’re getting a severe dns issue you should act immediately. There may be high latency issues that do allow google to crawl the site, but provide a poor user experience.