How is this materialized

Through the company’s statutes and, also, if you want, through a shareholders’ agreement . These documents will reflect the relationship that the partners maintain regarding their responsibilities and tasks in the management of the company, in addition to other issues such as: Ways in which the entry and exit of new members will be carried out and, other issues that need to be regulated in the long term to ensure commercial activity. Where am I going to carry out my activity The physical place where the headquarters of your activity is located (whether you are self-employed or a company) will be key to determining where some legal obligations arise, such as tax issues, those related to the commercial registry.

It will be decisive if you have an online presence

To know in which countries you legally exist and if you provide services abroad. You must confirm whether or not you have legal obligations there and if there is an obligation to report in Spain.  About these activities abroad. What type of activity am I going to do? Determining exactly the service you Iran WhatsApp Data provide or the product you sell is necessary to see what legal obligations and rights you must comply with. For example, it is different to provide a service or sell a product to a company than to an end consumer. The protection that the latter enjoys with respect to commercial transactions is much greater and you must comply with all these requirements, especially with respect to returns, guarantees, claims, etc.

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If you operate in one of the so-called regulated markets

If you have a relationship with the public sector, you will have to be even more careful. You will have to comply with all the special regulations of your sector and, perhaps also. Have special licenses or permits granted by the public administration, before starting to operate in the market. All this, in Italy WhatsApp Number List addition to complying with the general rules applicable to any company. Protect my brand Among legal issues for entrepreneurs, the brand is usually the one that is largely forgotten. We must not neglect our name, brand or patent, if applicable to our case. If we do not give them due protection, whether at a national, European or global level. We will be damaging our ability to expand and our effort to generate recognition among clients.