Specialization in law as a guarantee of professional

Barely a month ago, I had the pleasure of sharing a round table at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Sciences of C√≥rdoba, with two notable legal operators and, even better, with two great friends. We explained in detail the different professional alternatives that the market offers to law graduates and graduates, recounting the praxis of our daily work. Specifically, I was in charge of analyzing in detail access to the liberal professions, the Attorney General’s Office and the Legal Profession, as well as the latest projected regulatory changes, which intensely affect their practice. Thus, for example and roughly: the liberalization of attorneys’ fees, the possibility for lawyers to assume, in addition to the direction and legal defense.

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As a key to professional success, for lawyers to specialize in a specific branch of law. The traditional advocacy model is undergoing significant changes in recent times; There is no doubt that the Japan Mobile Database generality is giving way significantly in favor of the specialty. The economic crisis, the saturation of professionals in the sector, the constant and uninterrupted legislative upheaval to which we are subjected, and the new social needs and/or demands, turn out to be, perhaps, some of the factors that recommend focusing efforts on one area. specific action. And, at least in the opinion of the undersigned, the expert in a subject will be much better able to overcome the strong competitiveness installed in the profession.

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It correctly and success large-scale files, prohibited, due to their technical complexity and requirement of particular knowledge, to a generalist profile. However, we must be aware that becoming a Mexico Phone Number List specialist in a sector of action is not an easy task. It requires, at the very least, a significant financial investment in training, constant updating, regular attendance at conferences and conferences, periodic publications in specialized magazines and logs. In short a challenge, increasingly necessary, within reach and within reach! service of the most demanding minds.