Google’s Display Planner

Before getting started, I want to note I won’t be going deep on how to use the display planner for the sake of time, and because there are a number of resources covering the topic. I highly suggest some background reading if you’re not familiar with it, or at least do some brief hands-on experimenting.

I’ll Start by Looking for Options in Google’s Display Planner

By entering keywords related to my website and the topics Stone, Clay, Glass Manufacturers Email List of interest to my audience. I’ll use the single word “gardening.” in the screenshot below, I’ve selected “individual targeting ideas” from the menu mid-page, and then “sites.” this allows me to see specific sites the system believes match well with my targeting parameters.

I’ll Then Select a Top Result to See

I need to first confirm that there’s a portion of the DW Leads site where discussion is taking place. Typically, you’ll be looking for forums, message boards, comment sections on articles or blog posts, etc. Essentially, any place where users are interacting can work, depending on your goals.