A contaminated debate Think globally act locally

We have already published several posts about urban and peri-urban agriculture . However, almost everyone stumbles upon my tribulations. Think globally, act locally . This is a magnificent slogan, which almost no one practices, including managers and scientists. And in the case at hand today it is conspicuous by its absence . We are going to present four pieces of news to you. The first two come from press releases corresponding to their respective scientific articles, originally written in Swahili. I have collected the last two from general press newspapers in Spain. And frankly, this time I consider that the latter are more realistic than the former. However, the problem persists, that is, the aforementioned slogan is not even reflected on. Lately, there has been a lot of news about a topic that is even more delicate after the spring and summer of due to the energy crisis.

One of today’s news tries to sell

More productive than traditional agriculture in the countryside. Another of them alleges that lead contamination would be “relatively” easy to solve, but, even if this were the case, it ignores the fact that lead is only one of the multiple Germany WhatsApp Number Data contaminants that “enrich” air quality over large areas. cities. The Spanish press releases are more skeptical. Likewise , context and geographic origin bias conclusions . To add to the confusion, various news items emphasize hydroponic urban agriculture , and others on vertical agriculture . Unfortunately, at least in my city, there is a crop that is already carried out and with which there is experience, although it is illegal, at least in most cases. We talk about marijuana.

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They are planted on green spaces

Since the latter are very varied and possibly in many cases dangerous. The two scientific studies suffer from the same defect of myopia. Analyzing what happens with a specific pollutant does not guarantee what may be happening with the others . Such extrapolation is clearly unacceptable . There is also talk of growing on vertical Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List walls , which, if they are building facades, requires elite mountaineering training. Likewise, each crop and soil absorbs nutrients and contaminants differentially . Here if precision agriculture were in demand, or at least profitable,right? Soon I will edit a post about the experience in the garden of my apartment, which will make you think a lot.