Globalized pollution and irreversibly contaminated atmosphere

Several hikers climb to the top of a mountain and, enraptured by the beautiful landscape, one of them exclaims, what pure air, it’s a pleasure to breathe! What are we talking about? From the past, whether we like it or not . The title of the news that Globalized pollution we show you today says it all: “ The rainwater of the entire planet is contaminated by ‘chemicals forever ‘”. In fact, I will add little more, since we have discussed the topic in depth over years. The silent spring is already here , although perhaps the title should be rewritten and mention that “the contaminated planetary autumn is already among us.” Many scientists, until their last breath, will continue to cry: we need more funding or we still have time to act . However, the data is conclusive despite the efforts of some.

When you see that rainwater falling

Since it now turns out that water and air are dangerous for your health . Bottled water? Also! . At the time of writing this post, we are suffering in Spain from a huge heat wave and fires and the foam used to fight the fires contains that New Zealand WhatsApp Number List rich PFA poison That is to say, either we burn ourselves or we exclaim . Given what we have seen, it is better to at least drink bottled water. For human beings it has always been much easier to destroy than to create, and in this dizzying rise to the top of the hierarchy, we can finally exclaim! That’s it! Everything contaminated! Well, it’s going to be yes, and it’s going to be no! We can always pollute more.

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Its creators omit that many metals

As under the motto of “he who does not pollute pays”, in fact “just people pay for sinners ” , as well explained in the press release that I show you below, millions of citizens who do not even have the resources to pollute, will be the first Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List defenestrated, while their products, possibly less contaminated and/or polluting than ours, will be taken away by the most economically powerful States. I can’t help but resort to irony. It doesn’t occur to me, I really can’t do anything else. What are PFAS ? Why are PFAS harmful to our health? . Here we go Biological Pollution ? It is already here and the COVID pandemic is a tiny example. And in the surroundings of the planet.