From the Crisis to the Rise of Soil Sciences

For many years I collaborated intensely in the incipient scientific activity related to soil sciences in the corresponding entities that commanded soil policy in Europe . It all started in , when I was invited to the “ Meeting of Soil Survey Organizations in the European Community. CE, Silsoe, England . Shortly after, the so-called “ EC-Soil and GIS Support Group ” was born, of which I became a part in , when it was led by a magnificent and efficient member of the Joint Research Center, that is, Anne Burrill . However, not many years later the aforementioned working group was reorganized. Changing its name to “European Soil Bureau” (JRC, Ispra, Italy), of which, after being established. I was also elected as a member of its Advisory Committee, in Anne had already been replaced. Many of us representatives feared that someone with less diplomacy would replace her.

He demonstrated diplomatic skills

The broadest sense of the term . But also much more. Everything indicates that he began to be interested in the world of soil sciences and he was quickly acquiring knowledge . We had finished developing products such as the first digitized map of the soils of Europe, a procedures Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data manual for developing a georeferenced database with a view to implementing a new cartography and georeferenced database at a scale of. As well as an incipient group of work for the monitoring of European soils. We were pursued by the idea of ​​presenting a thematic strategy for soil protection to the European Commission. Too much work. Too much time to finally be rejected. And here the figure of Luca Montanarella comes into play with all his splendor and skills . For years, accompanied by one or the other.

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Collaborated with him as much as possible

The mood to waste time on such initiatives. However, it did not take him long to retire, being replaced in the field of soil science by a young Bolivian ( Dr. Ronald Vargas Rojas ). He reiterated that he was still young and inexperienced. He formed a coalition with Luca, with a view to advancing Greece WhatsApp Number List everything that could come next. Which was a lot. I had personally been invited by him for a long and generously paid contract with a view to joining Ispra and helping him in his efforts from the community institutions. This offer was repeated some time later. I have never liked politics and I had been in those tasks for too long that I declined to consider such an offer, diplomatically, although it was very generous. Montanarella has turned out to be very skilled.