Forest Fires in Latin America: Climate change human factor

In , that is, less than two years, we already wrote a post about this topic and more specifically this one . The news that comes from Ibero-America in February forces us, “once again” to clarify the issue. Let it be clear that we have already Forest Fires in  written more than posts about forest fires (below we show you ). And many of them were already referring to repopulation with exotic species, such as eucalyptus and pine trees. January, some directly point to Latin America, like the one already mentioned. The introductions that I link at the end and in bold, I consider to be of utmost importance. Let’s also say that there is nothing new other than the magnitude of some of them, like Chile.

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Someone encourages them to persist with clonal repopulation, which I warned about for Chile about years ago. Of course, neuronal desertification is not a direct attack on the Latin American community, since unfortunately it is global, whether in this matter or another. Between and , I traveled thousands of kilometers along the Pacific coasts  Forest Kuwait Mobile Database Fires in  of Latin America. More specifically, I basically traveled through Chile, Peru and Colombia. In one of them, I visited a natural park with instructors in which, to my surprise, there was a considerable area occupied by eucalyptus. I asked those experts how it was possible that they had not finished clearing all the eucalyptus trees, due to their danger in starting and spreading forest fires. His laconic response was , more or less as follows.

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The current vegetation is called paraclimax , and more specifically “ pyroclimax ,” in the case at hand. This concept tells us that, if the fire had not intervened, the natural vegetation would be very different, with another that Forest Fires in favors it currently occupying its space. This year, , with the megadrought that the Mediterranean Egypt Phone Number List side is suffering, major fires are expected in the area where I currently live, since we do not even have water to put it out, unless the seaplanes are recharged at sea. If the birth of a fire can arise for various reasons, we must not forget that the wind turns out to be the most dangerous vehicle for spreading them . In its absence the problems are much smaller. However, since these disasters are common (not to say that it is a regularity).